Products HTA-810/820 PE


● 32 sets siren output.

● 16 shift schedule for HTA-820.

● Suitable for chains and enterprises.

● Provide RS-232/RS-485 communication to PC.

● Watchdog function ensures device free from halting.

● At least 60 days data storage in case of power outage.

● Cope with seasonal time change – daylight saving control.

● Simple, reliable & easily installed, first time set up in 3 minutes.

● Invalid & re-swiped cards off-the-record saves memory capacity.

● RTC (Real Time Clock) ensures accurate time regardless of

● RTC (Real Time Clock) ensures accurate time regardless of power outage.

● Auto scheduling for data collection, time synchronization, valid card download.

● Follows your usual practice – auto or manual clock in / clock out. (HTA-820)

● Dynamic control of memory up to 8000 cardholders (max, HTA-820),

● 8200 transaction data. (HTA-810/820) Visual LED for display of time, card number, communication mode, swiped card indication

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