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Fingerprint Sensor

LES (Light Emitting Sensor)

It is a Polymer based sensor that emits light when fingerprint is contacted.

It is designed for demanding environments where users are exposed to bright sunlight, dusty, dirty and dry conditions.
There is also a function of fake fingerprint detection technology.

Sensor block diagram


What is light emitting sensor? 

Emitting theory  

There are many luminescent centers in the luminescent layer. (Picture below)
– Electric field is generated if a finger is contacted.
– Electrons on trap level in the luminescent layer will gain the energy.
– These electrons repeats togo to ground state and go to excited
   state continuously and it makes lights.


 Light emitting sensor structure 

It is polymer based sensor that emits light through the ridges of the finger when a live finger is contacted.


  Repellent layer technology 

 1. We developed the polymer that has the characteristics of chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistence, repellent.

2. Repellent layer development
   – Generally, the manufacturing process of polymer that has the characteristics of chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance is done at high temperature, and it is difficult to apply.
   – We developed low temperature (below 100℃) process to apply easier.

 Life time 

 Generally, competitors announced their touching life time is about 1,500,000 touches.
We referred this and tested, but there is no problem if it is higher than 1,500,000 touches.

1. Mechanical Lifetime test
  – We made the automatic tester below and tested.
  – We tested until 1,500,000 touches.
  – We tested with cow skin and so the real life time si longer than the result.


 Make a fake fingerprint using adhesive 

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